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Registration is required to become a Vendor Direct, Delivery Associate or Kashcraft Member.

Vendor-Hub Direct gives you a membership benefit of having a self manage merchant store on tradepay mart.

  • Showcase and promote you products and services
  • Sell on most popular social media handles and various groups and pages.
  • Sell and receive payment online
  • Backend Dashboard for self store inventory
  • Sell in retail or wholesales

As a delivery associate, you’ll deliver services through your convenience channel ( Vehicle, Bike, Tricycle etc.

Stay active, work independently, and be part of a motivated team that safely delivers  packages to customers in your community every day. No delivery experience is required. GIQs are independent businesses that partner with Tradepay to deliver packages.

With Kashcraft enjoy all membership benefit on Vendor-hub and make extra income to support and grow your choice of business. You need a Referrer link or Referrer -ID to sign-up.