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Join Tradepay mart a marketplace for Micro-Business and Small Medium Enterprise. Here is a multivendor market where millions of shoppers spend billions each year purchasing from businesses like yours.

Why sell on Tradepay

Business without outright visibility suffers patronage.
Get your business the needed visibility on all social media platform, grow and sell beyond border.

Make your product available to more than 150 millions potential buyers.

Spend less time managing your shop and more time on the fun stuff. We have tools to help you whether you’re just getting started or about to make your ten-thousandth sale.


Great value

Open a store Free with us, your products & items stays with you. we make your product available to more than 150 millions potential buyers.

Powerful tools

Our tools and services make it easy to manage, promote and grow your business.


Reach out to our support and get tips on running a successful shop through our SellerHub.

We have tools to help you whether you’re just getting started or about to make your ten-thousandth sale.


Manage your business anywhere

Simple Web based & highly responsive inventory tools to manage orders, update items, and respond to your customers on the go.

Promotional tools that drive traffic

We advertise your items across the web through Ads and promotions on various social media platforms and you can also reach more buyers personally by using inbuilt tools to promote your store or products on social media, groups and forums.

Analytics to improve your sales

Detailed statistics that show performance trends and traffic sources, so you can stay on top of your business.

Accept payments seamlessly

Processing and Accepting payment online to make it easy for buyers to pay in any way they choose.

Send customers to your own web address

Save 100% costs on e-commerce site development and management, own store with a link address which you can print on your business card or used to personally route customers to find and buy from your store online.

Stand out with new ways to customize your shop

Take control of your shop’s look with customizable options, including new banner templates and featured listing options that put your products in the spotlight.

Payment & Settlement

Account Opening
It is FREE to open a store and list your products with us. We give you a free web store space, store link as your web address and tools to setup your store beautifully with full store management right. 

Advertisements and promotions
At Tradepay mart we maximise our expertise to advertise and promote your items and store on the web through paid Ads across social media platform, blogs and many other direct selling systems, all you have to pay is a subsidise adverts fee of 2,000. 

Payments Transactions
We process payments transactions with Banks and Paystack Inc.
Paystack is an external payments platform that allows merchants to process and receive payment transactions with a variety of payment methods. 

Sellers settlement after sales
Sellers sales on Tradepay mart will be deposited into Sellers Local Bank Account after a successful complete of business transaction.
Tradepay operate an escrow system which gives safe transactions and Trade Assurance of business between customer and seller while Tradepay stands as the middle man.

You got a dedicated store dashboard to monitor and manage all your store activities while your products stays with you.

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Steps to take


Account Registration

Sellers store registration is FREE. Hit the register button, follow the form wizard to complete your store registration in less than 5 min. 

Setup your store

Review your settings, update all necessary store info like store banner, account details and upload at least 3 items for admin review before it go live on marketplace

Ads Activation

Now that your product is ready to go live, we do offsite social media ads, pick and click ads activation button, activate it to give your items more visibilities for more patronage.

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